Anyone may make the initial contact – the adolescent, a family member, legal, school, religious personnel, staff from other social or healthcare organizations.

Daytop New Jersey (Adolescents)
Monday-Friday – 9am-5pm

North Jersey (Parsippany)

Western Jersey (Flemington)


All other times 1-888-4DAYTOP
Daytop National Hotline
24hours per day/7 days per week

Daytop New Jersey at Crawford House (Skillman)
Residential Halfway House for Adult Women

Initial Contact for Screening: Done via telephone

The Daytop New Jersey Screener will ask a variety of questions and provide an analysis and recommendation for further evaluation, assessment or treatment. This is a free service. If further evaluation and screening is needed, an appointment will be set-up. There may be a fee for this service.


  • A chemical dependency evaluation is done in person, by appointment    with the adolescent and his or her parent or guardian.
  • The Evaluation may be conducted at our Daytop Screening Unit:
                320 West Hanover Avenue,
                Parsippany, NJ

    • There is a fee for Chemical Dependency Evaluation.


  • A Comprehensive Adolescent Severity Index (CASI) assesses all aspects of the adolescent’s life.
  • A report is generated, identifying all areas of critical concern including, but not limited to substance use.
  • Recommendations are made for treatment or therapy to identified
  • This assessment is made for all adolescents when they enter any level of Daytop Treatment. A CASI can be made, upon request of the parent or guardian, without entering the Daytop Treatment Program.
  • There is a fee for the Comprehensive Adolescent Severity Index.