Concerned About Education?

Are You Concerned About Education?

All adolescent clients in our care who are without a High School degree continue their education at Daytop Preparatory School.

Daytop Prep is certified by the NJ Department of Education as an Alternative School, providing special education services in a thoroughly modern, clean, drug-free and controlled environment. Daytop's expertise is quality education for students with co-occurring disorders and/or addictive behaviors.

All classes are held at our residential student facilities in Mendham, NJ and provide Alternative School programs for Residential and Day School students. The Daytop Prep curriculum includes middle school, high school, and GED (General Equivalency Diploma) test preparation. Students may prepare for further academic education or for vocational training.

For additional information you can contact:

Director of Education Erin Carrabba at 973-543-5656 ext. 708 or


Crawford House