Family Services
We work closely with our families to provide support. We believe it is vitally important that the families are taught the necessary skills in order to care for and fully understand the disease of addiction. This is provided through our individual family counseling, a parent advisory group and continuous involvement with each resident’s family. Our family therapy focuses on the dynamics of family interaction to encourage an improved family system as well as deal with conflict resolution and improve parenting skills.

Daytop Family Association
Daytop Family Association was created in the early days of Daytop when a pioneer group of loving parents took it upon themselves to form a group to support each other and learn to show "responsible love and concern" without denial, enabling or the other pitfalls of parenting a substance abuser. Before long, Daytop staff and counselors began to recognize that the children whose parents attended groups were more successful in their recovery than those who didn’t. Families were learning new ways to deal with their children that both empowered them and made their children take responsibility for themselves. And it paved the way to heal relationships and reunite the family. Today, Daytop considers family participation in support groups to be a mandatory part of successful treatment.

The main activity of Family Association is support group and the main purpose is to support each other. When we hear others share their difficulties, our own emotions are validated and we realize that we are not alone. Gradually we take back our serenity, gain new insights, and learn more successful ways of responding to our children’s behavior.

When parents first ask how long they must come to support groups, we sometimes joke, "Until you want to." By the time our children come for treatment we are weary from worry, angry over the disruptions to our lives, and resentful of giving up any more of ourselves to invest in their recovery. After participating in support groups, many discover new-found peace and understanding, and find themselves looking forward to their weekly support group meetings.


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