Check the Warning Signs
Seeing behavior changes in someone we love makes us worry. Are they sick? Are they mad at me? Why don't they talk to me anymore? Some changes may be warning signs of substance abuse.
Take this quiz to help you determine if drugs or alcohol
is likely to be part of your loved one's problem.

  1. Do you feel that you are being told lies, especially about where they've been or are going?
  2. Have you seen major changes in eating or sleeping patterns?
  3. Have they lost interest in something they've always cared about – hobbies, sports, etc.?
  4. Are they frequently tired and listless?
  5. Do they refuse to go along to family gatherings, or to get-togethers of long-time friends?
  6. Do they suddenly have a new group of companions?
  7. Are they absent frequently from school or work?
  8. Do they resent questions asked about their welfare?
  9. Have you noticed hostility or wild mood swings?
  10. Do they suddenly want to be alone a lot?

If you have answered yes to three or more questions, you or a person you know may be experiencing a problem with substance abuse and or a mental health issue.
There is help available — call 943-543-5656

Remember, no symptoms are definitive on their own. Teenagers are especially prone to emotional changes due to natural maturing causes. But if you feel there is something wrong, you're probably right. Don't just ignore your intuition. It could save a life.



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