"The first thing you realize after spending some time with the Board of Directors and staff is these are people who really care, this isn’t just a job to them, it’s a mission! It is amazing to hear what individuals have done to support Daytop. I was taught to surround myself with people who have a positive outlook on life and who are willing to give and help others. The team at Daytop, from board members to staff to teen peers, are just that, inspirational role models for all to emulate and follow. I feel very fortunate to be an active member of a board which serves such a nobel cause."
Robert Ackerman, Vice President, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

"Daytop provided for me what I could not; structure, learning experiences and an honest open environment where I could be myself. I no longer had to prove anything to gain the affection and attention I craved. The staff at Daytop never gave up on me. The encouragement and support that I received during my stay at Daytop has been the stepping stone that I rely on each day… Today I am proud to say I am five years clean. In 2006, I received my associate’s degree and continue on to NYU for my bachelor’s degree in social work. I plan on continuing there for a MSW."
Francesca Daytop graduate

"Daytop is a totally amazing program! I have surrendered to this program and to recovery and accept the things I cannot change. I am now a respectable, honest man, thanks to Daytop. This program is truly life changing. You can go from a low-life street thug to a man with a lot of potential. Daytop will not give up on anyone. I know! They did not give up on me. Today I am proud of who I am."
Carlos Daytop graduate


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