At Daytop – The following treatments are offered:

Treatment at Daytop NJ is rooted in the Therapeutic Community (TC) model. However, we also integrate other modalities including motivational enhancement, cognitive behavioral, psychotherapy and medication assistance. The treatment experience is behaviorally based and individualized to meet the needs of adolescents with substance abuse problems as well as co-occurring disorders. Clients in treatment are taught skills to help with conflict resolution, anger management and other emotional concerns. The program is designed to allow clients the opportunity to practice these skills in a safe environment.

Education is a vital ingredient to ensuring long lasting positive treatment outcomes and success in life. In addition to a fully licensed treatment program, Daytop NJ operates a licensed special education high school. Clients participate in a full day of school while in our residential program and may, depending on their home school district, have the opportunity to attend the school on a day release while attending outpatient substance abuse treatment in the evening.

Family participation is an integral component to recovery and therefore, each family is encouraged to make their own commitment to the treatment process. The Daytop NJ Family Association, a group of parents of current and former residents in the program, offers weekly meetings at different locations throughout the state. These meetings allow for parents to learn from and support each other throughout the process of treatment and recovery after completion of the program. Family therapy is a component of the treatment experience as well as regularly occurring structured family visitation days.

Mental health/co-occurring disorders are recognized as an important issue and Daytop NJ is committed to working with those adolescents who have a diagnosis of a co-occurring mental health disorder in addition to their substance abuse disorder (i.e. depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder). Licensed professional counselors and psychiatrists offer a structured and integrated treatment plan that has at its heart both inclusion and successful recovery objectives.

Who is eligible for treatment at Daytop NJ and how is it paid for?
Daytop NJ treats substance abuse and co-occurrring mental illness in male and female adolescents ages 12-19. Multiple funding streams are available. At Daytop NJ we will work with you on a plan to ensure that your child receives the treatment that she or he needs. While admission is open to any adolescent, state funding is only an option for New Jersey residents. A financial screening determines if a family is eligible for a host of state and county grants for New Jersey residents Daytop accepts most insurance and managed care plans, Medicaid as well as private payment. Costs not covered are based on a sliding scale.

Daytop will make every possible effort to work with you in regard to any financial difficulties. We do not wish for financial issues to be a barrier to providing your child with the level and quality of treatment they need and deserve.

Visit Daytop New Jersey at Crawford House to learn about this residential program for adult women.

What types of treatment are offered at Daytop?
Daytop NJ offers a range of care levels to meet the needs of adolescents and their families. Every effort is made to assess the adolescent so they are placed at the least restrictive level of care. The wide range of care options within one agency is something that makes Daytop’s program one of the most comprehensive and unique in the state. Adolescents are screened for admission to one of the following levels of care:

Long Term Adolescent Residential - three to twelve months
Residential level of care is offered for those adolescents whose recovery needs require a 24 hour structured setting. Often, they have tried and failed to stop using at a lower level of care. They are referred by other treatment centers, insurance companies, court systems, and their families. Residential care is offered at both the Pittsgrove and Mendham locations. Treatment at this level of care is considered long term and the average length of stay is 6-9 months. A New Jersey state approved high school education is offered at both facilities. If a resident graduates high school while in the residential program, his or her diploma will come from the sending school district. Treatment is provided at both locations by a multidisciplinary team of professionals within the context of a therapeutic community (TC) environment. Medication evaluations and monitoring and nursing are also available at both locations.

Halfway House for Women
Visit Daytop New Jersey at Crawford House to learn about this residential program for adult women.

Intensive Outpatient - three to five visits per week
Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) programs are offered in both the Morris and Hunterdon locations. Transportation to and from the Morris program is provided within Morris County and parts of Passaic County. Programs run from 4pm – 7pm three days per week in both locations. Meals/snacks are provided. The program is comprised of group, individual and family therapy components. Medication assessment and monitoring is also provided. The IOP staff is comprised of masters’ level clinicians with a broad range of experience in adolescent and substance abuse treatment. Length of stay at this level is variable and based on the progress of the individual client and their family.

Outpatient - one to two visits per week
Outpatient care is offered in the Morris and Hunterdon locations. Transportation to and from the Morris program is provided. Treatment is offered up to twice weekly for a maximum of 5 hours per week. The program is also comprised of group, individual and family sessions and is staffed with a team of masters’ level clinicians with training in adolescent addictions treatment.

Day School Treatment
A combination of a state approved high school education and outpatient care is offered for those students who (a) need a highly structured day program and comprehensive addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment, (b) have completed treatment at the residential level or (c) want to continue high school in a sober environment. Approval from the students’ sending district is required for this level of care. This option is available only at the Mendham location. Please contact Linda Wolk at (973) 543-5656 x715 for more information.

What is the admissions process?
Screenings are available by contacting the Morris, Hunterdon, or Clayton, NJ screening units and requesting an evaluation. Upon receiving your call, our staff will conduct a phone screen and provide you with a scheduled time to meet with a clinician – this can often be the same day or within twenty-four hours. Admissions from other agencies are also accepted with the referring agency contacting Daytop NJ and providing all referral information.

The following documentation is required when an adolescent attends one of our screening centers:

  • A social security card
  • A birth certificate
  • An insurance or Medicaid card
  • Full immunization records
  • Financial Documentation including the most recent tax returns or at least 2 months of pay stubs.

Other requirements for admission may include approval of the sending school district and recent medical and/or psychiatric evaluations. It is vital that we have as much information as possible to ensure that we can make, along with you, the best treatment decision for your child. Missing or incomplete information could result in a delay in the admission process.

Please contact the nearest location below in order to set up a screening or referral:

Daytop New Jersey Access to Services (Adults and Adolescents)

Monday-Friday – 9am-5pm

North Jersey (Mendham Adolescent residential)

South Jersey (Pittsgrove Adolescent residential)

Morris County (Parsippany-Adult and Adolescent Outpatient)

Western Jersey (Flemington-Adult and Adolescent Outpatient)

Adult Women Halfway House
Crawford House (Skillman)

All other times 1-888-4DAYTOP
24hours per day/7 days per week




Crawford House