Who We Serve

A comprehensive treatment program for the teen who is struggling with recovery. Our experience is that young people have a tapestry of problems that go hand in hand with their substance abuse; school, legal, physical and mental health as well as family issues. We have the right professionals to work with you and your teen to get back on track.

Young Adults
Building on our successes over many years of working with teenagers Daytop New Jersey now serves young adults aged 18-24 in outpatient settings. Through structured curricula we will help you stabilize your lifestyle, with medication if necessary and get back on track. Group participation and a reasonable about of independence is required to attend this program. We expect individuals to make their way to treatment and be in school or gainfully employed. This is not a teen program - it runs separately and is specific for this age group.

Living with a teen in crisis takes its toll on everyone. Success post treatment has been shown to be significantly impacted by family involvement during treatment. Through a dynamic Family Program including: family support groups, family therapy and structured visitation we will help you rebuild your family into a thriving and nurturing one wherein everyone prospers and grows.